Makemake originates from the desire to transform high-quality Brazilian cocoa into luxury chocolate. All stages from farm to end-product are controlled by our company.

Our main objective is to bring you the true essence of authentic handmade chocolate without any chemical additives or flavoring. We select all our raw materials meticulously. We only use premium cocoa beans, which results in a purer, aromatic and irresistible product. Our commitment to sustainability, high quality and innovation has made us one of the best bean-to-bar chocolate-makers.

  • Our cocoa beans are from the Pequi farm, located in lgrapiuna, South of Bahia, Brazil.
  • Our premium cocoa beans are a blend of cocoa of origin (Trinitario and Forasteiro).
  • Pequi's cocoa almond was recently been classified as the second best in Brazil, in the varietal category, by the Cacao Innovation Center CIC and partners, due to the quality of its product.
  • Pequi farm is a protagonist in the promotion and defense of rights, emphasizing the commitment to Human Rights, especially with regard to child labor or any condition of slave or similar labor.
  • The production process meets the requirements of the UTZ Certifier.



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